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Avon Collectible Candle Holders

There was a time when candles were all the rage. At one point, everybody was collecting them, making them, and/or selling them. While the fervor for candles was toned down and the waxed creations resumed their reasonable and usual appeal, many still remain to be enthusiasts and avid collectors. Many of those who are seriously into candles have gone the extra mile and started collecting candle holders as well.

Candle holders do not only make candles more attractive, they certainly last longer than the latter and make better collectibles. A fine choice for collectors to go for is the selection featured by Avon. Avon collectible candle holders all make a fine display for your home. Avon has been offering candle holders for many years and they have clearly been good investments, boasting of practicality, beauty, and appreciating value.

Some of the favorites are the vintage Avon candle holders such as those adorable ruby red Avon Cape Cod candle holders which can date back more than twenty years. Those who collected these old Avon candle holders can make good money auctioning off their collection. Original Avon candle holders like the 1979 Hearts and Diamonds candlestick vase can fetch sellers a good amount from sentimental buyers, such as those born in the same year wishing to amass items produced in their birth year.

Avon crystal candle holders such as those seashell holders or those vintage etched over lead crystal ones have a timeless appeal. These beauties will soon number among the antique Avon collectible candle holders. Through time, Avon candle holders have graced many homes with their charm and beauty and they will continue to do so for generations to come.